Sunday, 24 March 2013

3 Amazing Ted Talks (that's only 2/3's true)

Larry Smith - Why You Will Fail To Have a Great Career
This video covers the fear of finding and following your passion. Mr. Smith, using sarcastic and dry humor, point out to us why it is so unlikely that we will ever have a great career in which we follow our passion ... unless ...

Shane Koyczan - To This Day
This Canadian poet touches on how our society unwittingly programs us for a life of sorrow and failure. "They ask me want I want to be, then tell me what not to be.  ...  What makes my dreams so easy to dismiss?"

Gary Vaynerchuck - Building Personal Brand in Within the Social Media Landscape
Ok, this one is not actually a Ted talk, but it is just as amazing as the 2 above.
Don't let the title fool you. In the first 2 minutes you will hear lines like "Most of you are doing something you hate ... STOP DOING THAT!" and "Listen to your user base ... absolutely. But giving a sh*t about them is way better" In the last minute you will hear, "How do you get the money to do what you love? You don't! You stop watching f*#king Lost!"

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