Who Is Cliff and Why Does He Make Notes?

Who am I? 
Well, it depends who you ask. 
To my kids I am "Dad" or "Ploopy". 
To my family I am "the worst dancer of us all". 
To my friends I am "the guy that will eat anything on a dare". 
To my clients I am "the guy that helps conquer fear, find passion and live a fulfilled life."

Why do I make notes?
I hear stuff.
I have experienced stuff.
I learn stuff from other people.
I think it is a good thing to pass on the things I have learned. 

Thanks for being here, reading from my blog. Writing this bio is probably the hardest part for me. It is so strange to try to describe myself to the unseen world on the other side of this keyboard. Oh well, here it goes:

The dynamic of what drives a human being to create their own business is what drives me. It truly is an adventure that a person embarks on when they enter the world of entrepreneurship. The excitement, the optimism, the risks, the far off prize, the fear, the courage, the challenges, the hard times, the great times and the final victory. It all smacks of exploration, adventure and conquest and I love it!

As the owner of Mobile Minds I have turned my attention to helping those who are living the adventure of entrepreneurship. My focus is on the human being behind the business. The person who must deal with the emotions, the excitement, the fear, the ups and the downs. The human who has to go home at night and get a good nights sleep no matter how their day turned out. The human that needs to stay close to friends and family at the same time as dealing with competition. The human that will feel a huge range of emotions daily as they try to create something out of nothing.

That person needs to know what they expect from life in order to feel fulfilled and then structure their business to provide it for them. It is my goal to aid as many people as possible in making that happen.

At the core, my philosophy is this: By strengthening the person behind the business, the business in turn will be strengthened and be able to provide that person with a fulfilled life.

How I provide this is through Mobile Minds' workshops, coaching and networking events. Please feel free to visit www.Mobile-Minds.ca to see how it all works.

If you are living or wanting to live the adventure of entrepreneurship, I tip my hat to you and say, "You are one of the few. Live it proudly and boldly!"

"Chatting with Cliff is something every business owner should do, whether you are just starting out or in the middle of growing your business."Jody M.

“What you have to offer truly inspires me, gives me courage and hope in the face of that fear of the unknown! Thank You!” Suzanne K