Sunday, 18 December 2011

The 4 Parts of an Entrepreneur (Part 2)

In Part 1 you read about the artist and the analyst working together within you. Those two come to light at the beginning. They get all the ideas rolling and find ways to make them a reality, if they are working together properly. Once they get to a certain point with their ideas, they need two more parts of your inner entrepreneur to step in. They are the manager and the motivator.

The Manager
Ideas that your artist and analyst create are wonderful, but at some point they need systems and actions put into place to drive them forward. That is where your manager comes in. She is the part of you that takes the ideas and says, "Ok, if this is going to work then we need to do this, this and this...." She makes the plans that will take your realistic idea and make it a profitable business. Your manager is the one that will watch everything that goes on in your business, see what works and make adjustments to the things that don't. She will crunch the numbers and decide how to make them better. She will often come up with problems that she can hand back to the artist and analyst to solve. She will also delegate a certain role to the next character ...

The Motivator
The motivator is the communication specialist within you. This is the part of you that can turn on the charm, do the negotiating, encourage, convince and argue. The motivator is the part of your inner entrepreneur that is shown to the world. Everything created by the artist, analyst and manager come to light through the motivator. She is the part of you helping others to see the value in your dream. She makes sales, gets buy in from employees and shows the public what you are all about.

By combining these 4 parts of you properly; The Artist, The Analyst, The Manager, The Motivator; you will be able to bring your business into the world and know that you have all your basis covered.

Often, one of these 4 will stand out due to an entrepreneurs unique personality. It is very important not to let that happen. To be a well rounded business owner, the 4 must operate in a balanced fashion, aiding each other and performing their specific roles.

In my workshop, "Discovering the Entrepreneur Within" we explore the relationship between these 4 parts. You will learn to identify them, bring their strengths to the surface and make them work as a well oiled machine.

Find these parts of you, give them faces, get to know them and see how easy it becomes to make and act on decisions.

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