Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chickens, Crocodiles and Great Business Ideas

Rancid, decomposing chicken carcasses would turn almost anyone's stomach. It was no different for a chicken farmer I heard about today. But his disgust lead to business success!

He had a farm that produced hundreds of thousands of chickens. Although his farm was far above average when it came to the conditions for his birds, he still had hundreds of dead chickens each week. He tried burying them but ran out of room, he tried incinerating them but it was too costly, he tried composting them but it was much too disgusting. Each week he was left with a disgusting mess.

On a family trip, he stopped in at a crocodile farm so that he and his kids could watch the mighty reptiles. By chance, he noticed that they were being fed chicken carcasses! An idea was born! He went through the proper channels and legally acquired 2 breeding crocodiles. He made a proper enclosure for them at his farm, fed them the dead chickens and watched them make babies. It didn't take long for him to have his own crocodile farm which people were paying to see!

Out of his frustration, his creative juices flowed. Not only did he solve a major problem for his main business, he also ended up creating a second successful business as a result!

When you are frustrated with a task or a tool, don't just storm away angry. Take some time to look for a creative solution. You may find a solution that makes your life much easier, save your business some money and maybe even stumble upon a great business idea that you can run with.

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