Monday, 31 October 2011

A Simple Trick in Speaking Confidently

When you operate a small business, you will often find yourself in situations where you must show confidence. Sometimes true confidence isn't really there but you know that your client wants to see confidence in you before they give you their trust. 

Appearing confident is a benefit in any situation where you need someone to trust your words. Sadly, it is usually the way something that is said that convinces people rather than the actual words being spoken.

There are several ways to show confidence but recently I have noticed one trend which needs to be corrected for many business owners, managers and sales people.

Often I hear people ending sentences with words that turn a statement into a question. What this communicates is a lack of confidence in the speaker. It asks for approval from the listener and basically gives them permission to doubt what you are saying.

"Let's get this meeting started, ok?"
"We need to make a decison today, alright?"
" you can see that is a great product for your situation right?"

These should be confident statements, not questions that ask for the listeners approval. Read them again without the question attached:
"Let's get this meeting started."
"We need to make a decision today."
" you can see that is a great product for your situation."

These statements become much more authoritative just by dropping that last word.They leave less room for negotiation and they do not seek approval from the listener.

if you run or represent a small business, people make judgement calls based on how you present yourself. If you do not seem confident in yourself, why would they want to place their confidence in you? If you appear confident in what you do, they will feel free to trust you and do business with you in you.

Speak in statements, show confidence.


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