Friday, 14 October 2011

Packaging Your Service to Sell

In retail it is very obvious, products with more impressive packaging will sell better and for more money than similar products with bland or out of context packaging. How do you incorporate this into your own business if you provide a service rather than a product? 

The packaging on a product is what creates a first impression with the consumer. The colors, words and designs used will create a certain emotion for a prospective buyer and lead them to wanting to pick up the product. As a service provider, your first impression must create that same desire in the prospective client. Your "packaging" is the total of all the things that your client sees before you start describing your business. 

Obviously, your packaging must speak to the type of client you are dealing with. For example, if you consult on oil drilling solutions, you don't want to show up on a rig in a 3 piece suit.  On the other side, if you are an accountant you should not show up to meet a client in shorts and a t-shirt. Your client wouldn't take you seriously. Dress in a way that speaks to the situation. 

Here are some examples of what clients may see and make first impressions on (depending on your business, some of these may not apply). Find a way to make each one speak positively to the type of client you deal with.

Hair style
Business card

Try to imagine through your customers eyes. If this was your first meeting with you, what would you see? What would you want to see? What would make you trust you and want to do business with you? 

Great packaging sells. Know your target, package accordingly and sell!

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